November 05, 2010

Hague in Palestine

A mixed bag from William Hague on his visit to Palestine. Someone sent me a link to the Hebrew edition of Ha'aretz (or הארץ as it is written) with a translation from the opening paragraph which has Hague saying the following to Palestinian anti-occupation activists:
When negotiations seem like a timeless promise that is never fulfilled due to Israel's unwillingness [to provide a] fair solution, popular resistance to the occupation is the only remaining possible alternative for the Palestinians to achieve their rights whilst avoiding armed struggle.
It's being quoted around bits of the net but I can't find the English edition.

I was also sent a YNET article on the same thing:
British Foreign Minister William Hague on Wednesday met with the Palestinian prime minister and Israeli foreign minister, but his visit with Palestinian activists made the most headlines.[my emphasis]

Hague met with three senior Palestinian activists spearheading the popular struggle against Jewish settlements and the West Bank security fence, and expressed his support in their non-violent struggle.

"Hague told us that he supports the non-violent popular struggle, similarly to the official statement made by the European Union," Mahmud Zuhari, one of the activists, told Ynet.
So apparently, the UK's foreign minister has opened the door for non-violent struggle by Palestinians against the State of Israel.

Sadly he has also opened another door. The door to the UK is now being opened for Israel's war crimes suspects. This time it has been reported in Ha'aretz in English.
Israel's government said Thursday it appreciated a promise from visiting British Foreign Secretary William Hague to amend a controversial law which has seen Israeli officials threatened with arrest while visiting London.

"Israel welcomes the British government's explicit commitment to amend the universal jurisdiction law," a statement released after Hague met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv said.

How's that for compromise? The UK and the EU will support Palestinian non-violent resistance whilst guaranteeing safe passage for Israeli war crimes suspects. But where in the whole anglosphere are all those headlines about Hague's support for the Palestinians?


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