November 23, 2010

The Jewish Federation of New Mexico tries to rehabilitate Nazism. Thanks for nothing!

The Jewish federation of New Mexico responded to a speech of Ali Abunimah by publishing a despicable and stupid cartoon that compares, nah, identifies, BDS with Nazism. This is the cartoon, published by "the link," the newsletter of the fascist Jewish federation of New Mexico (why fascist? Look what they sponsor, "Israel's threat from within". Hey guys, why not just say "fifth column"?).

I'm not going to spare anybody from watching it by a mere link. The depravity of Israel's willing apologists, comparing a non-violent movement against a racist state to Hitler, should be wildly publicized and condemned. This shameful use of the holocaust chepeans the memory of Nazism's victims. It also defames Jews. There is no name low enough for people who make scarecrows and dirt shovels from the bones of their murdered kin.

Ali Abunimah eloquently demanded an apology, and you should too, beginning with

On matters of history, the sorry excuses of a human being who made and published this cartoon conveniently forgot that before Hitler's "boycott," really a a state campaign of violence and intimidation against its own citizens, and therefore nothing like BDS, but bearing some similarities to that which BDS confronts, given that, for example, there is Kristallnacht every week in Hebron, with Israeli soldiers watching and protecting the hooligans, there was a boycott of Nazi goods launched by the Jewish war veterans association of New York. This boycott, which, very much like BDS, was a non-violent civil attempt to raise awareness to the danger of Nazism, a real attempt by Jews to organize against Nazism, was undermined by the Zionist Jewish Agency, which signed an agreement with Nazi Germany that made the Zionists into promoters of Nazi merchandise. Fritz Reichert, a Gestapo agent in Palestine, explained the value of the anti-boycott cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionists:
The London Boycott Conference was torpedoed from Tel Aviv because the head of the Transfer in Palestine, in close contact with the consulate in Jerusalem, sent cables to London. Our main function here is to prevent, from Palestine, the unification of world Jewry on a basis hostile to Germany (Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators)
The one thing that must be acknowledged is the consistency of Zionist opposition to using boycotts against loathsome regimes.

(hat tip to Jewbonics)


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