November 28, 2010

We are all Norman Finkelstein

Here's a Der Spiegel article that shows that holocaust survivors, their descendants and even Germans are waking up to the shenanigans of what Norman Finkelstein was the first to call the Holocaust Industry:
Through the sale of property Nazis stole from Jews in eastern Germany that was later signed over to the organization, the Jewish Claims Conference [JCC] has made a profit of about 1.5 billion euros. But not all of that money has been given to Holocaust survivors. Criticism of the powerful organization is growing in Israel and many are calling for greater transparency....

Around the globe, the descendants of Holocaust victims feel unfairly treated by the JCC, an umbrella association for Jewish organizations. They accuse it of hoarding compensation and restitution funds instead of distributing them to victims.
According to the article, "The JCC's critics include the Israeli government and parliament" so we really are all Professor Finkelstein.


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