December 10, 2010

EU threat to treat Israel like any other serial international law-breaker

Sheesh, this is a turn up for the books. Several former EU leaders have suggested that far from keep rewarding Israel for its persistent breaches of international law, the EU should impose sanctions instead, just like it would in the case of any other country in breach of international law. Here's the BBC website:
A group of 26 ex-EU leaders has urged the union to impose sanctions on Israel for continuing to build settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.

In a letter sent on Monday, they said Israel "like any other state" should be made to feel "the consequences" and pay a price for breaking international law.
The signatories include the former EU foreign affairs chief, Javier Solana.
But in a written response Mr Solana's successor, Catherine Ashton, said the bloc's approach would remain unchanged.
An Israeli foreign ministry official said the proposal represented "a giant leap of bad faith".
Israel complaining of bad faith. Anyone out there looking for a definition of chutzpah? Look no further.

Still this isn't quite as exciting as it might appear.  These people are ex-EU leaders.  Their careers are all sorted now so they can do what they didn't dare do when they were in office.  And according to EU Observer their plea is falling on deaf ears.  Also, this is on the BBC website.  I listen to Radio 4 every day and I haven't heard any of this on the radio and I am guessing it won't be on TV either.  Still it is another addition to the drip drip that is gradually turning the State of Israel into a pariah state so it is good news.

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