December 30, 2010

JSF censored in Spain

Apparently there is a net nanny that comes automatically with a lot of internet services in Spain.  It's called Canguro (ie Kangaroo) Net.  Well according to my contact, it prevents access to Jews sans frontieres and to Norman Finkelstein's website.  The person telling me about it told me that they had contacted the customer services and that Canguro Net was maintaining its position, ie, barring JSF and Finkelstein is legit.

I googled "Canguro net" and it seems to me that most of the sites that appeared were complaining of the intrusion into their free access and looking for ways to disable the service or perhaps I should say service denier.  In fact here's a video clip showing what you can do in Explorer 7 if you want rid of this nasty net nanny:

Looking at some of the other sites, a company called Telefonica seems to impose it on new users unless they specifically request that it be removed. See this British Expats site:

Im having problems accessing certain websites,as this canguro net restriction keeps popping up?

how do you bypass this? ive tryed contacting telefonica but couldnt find anyone that spoke english,as my spanish isnt good enough to sort this out.
The response was a little less than helpful:
unless you have kids, tell them to take it off. it costs money per month i assume ?
Nearly everything else is in Spanish but why oh why is a Spanish net nanny censoring Norm and me? I wonder if these Spanish kangaroos are related to Websense.

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