January 29, 2011

Israel severs diplomatic relations with Egypt

Well something like that. El Al has flown the families of diplomats out of the capital. Here's the Jerusalem Post:
The Foreign Ministry on Saturday commissioned a special flight to bring home the families of diplomats stationed in Cairo amidst the anti-government protests taking place in Egypt, Israel Radio reported.

In addition to the family members of the diplomats, some forty other Israelis who had been residing in Egypt were brought home on the flight for fear of their safety.

Israel is the first country to evacuate citizens from Egypt.
According to the Angry Arab News Service,
"i just drove by what used to be the israeli embassy in cairo. it's now completely empty, the staff has fled. there is no longer an israeli flag hanging in cairo or anywhere else in egypt."
This means that Jordan is the only Arab country where the Israeli flag still flies.


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