February 08, 2011

Gary Moore 1952-2011

The rock musician, Gary Moore, has died, apparently of a heart attack whilst holidaying in Spain. We were very pleased to report his support for BDS back in November last year as he had not, to anyone's knowledge, been contacted by the BDS movement with regard to any planned gigs in Palestine. David Landy of JSF and the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign wrote:
The news earlier this month from the Irish section of the cultural boycott is that Gary Moore, a name beloved - or at least vaguely familiar to aficionados of ‘70s and ‘80s hard rock/blues, is joining the boycott of Israel. On tour in Russia, he declared that he wouldn’t visit the ‘criminal state’ of Israel ‘because of its racist policies against the Palestinian people’ . This is one of the straightest statements of support for boycott from an artist. 
And here is the notice from the IPSC website regarding Moore's passing:
Gary Moore (1952 - 2011)
IPSC condolences to Gary's family and friends 
[7th February] It is was deep sadness and shock that we in the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign learned late on Sunday of the passing of legendary Irish guitarist Gary Moore. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to his family and friends at this tragic and sorrowful time.

 Gary made a brave and principled stand late last year when he declared
 at a press conference in Russia that he would never perform in 
what he described as the "criminal state" of Israel, citing its racist 
policies against the Palestinian people. With this simple statement, 
Gary performed an important act of simple human solidarity 
with a beleaguered people - and like his music, this act will 
never be forgotten.

With Gary's passing, his family and friends have lost an irreplaceable loved one, the world has lost a musical legend, and the people of Palestine have lost a brave friend.
Gary Moore (1952-2011 - though his music will live forever). Rest In Peace


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