February 02, 2011

Hamas and the PA suppress Palestinian solidarity with Egypt

Ha'aretz reports that Hamas has prevented people in Gaza demonstrating their support for the rising in Egypt.
Hamas authorities prevented demonstrations in the Gaza Strip aimed at showing solidarity with anti-government protesters in Egypt, Human Rights Watch said late Monday.
Angry Arab is not a happy bunny:
The lousy Hamas government
The lousy Hamas government in Gaza yesterday stopped Palestinians in Gaza from demonstrating in support of the Egyptian people's uprising.  They even apprehended the protesters for a few hours.  So the Palestinian people now live under double oppression: that of Israeli occupation, and that of Fatah in West Bank and Hamas in Gaza. 
It was no surprise when I read on Tony Greenstein's blog that the collaborators of the Palestinian Authority are suppressing displays of solidarity with Egypt in the areas Israel allows them to control but I did expect better, in the circumstances, from Hamas. Double oppression? Better make it a treble.


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