February 24, 2011

Julian Assange to be extradited

I only know that Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame has lost his case against extradition to Sweden from an email I get (several times a day) from The Daily Beast. I find it very strange that the event hasn't appeared on any of my iGoogle headlines. Also among many disturbing issues in the case The Guardian reported that
While Riddle [the magistrate] acknowledged that there had been "considerable adverse publicity against Mr Assange in Sweden", including from the prime minister, if there had been any irregularities in the Swedish system, the best place to examine them [is] in a Swedish trial, he said.
Amazing that with all that we now know of miscarriages of justice in the UK, a member of the UK judiciary can place so much reliance on the integrity of a non-British court. He must think theirs are better than ours. I hope he's right.


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