March 06, 2011

Al Akhbar: Son of Qaddafi visits Israel, asks for money and others

This is an English translation of a French account of an article in Al-Akhbar:
Nizar Abboud, the serious and reliable correspondent with the UN of Lebanese daily Al Akhbar, reports that a son of Kadaffi has visited occupied Palestine two days ago to sollicit for help. During his visit Saif el Islam has asked high placed zionist officials for military asistence in terms of ammunition,night surveillance and satellite suveillance, trying to develop political and economic relations between the two countries. (?)

He also asked the zionists to use their credit with the USA to protect the funds invested by his family, offering part of the profits. Saif el Islam maintains- for a long time already- narrow relations with the zionist entity, and we have not forgotten how he used, since the beginning of the lybian revolation, services from a famous zionist 'security' firm. This firm has furnished mercenaries from Tchad and elsewhere, making huge profits( Kadaffi has been willing to pay salaries of 1000 to 2000 dollars a day)


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