April 20, 2011

Transcript of the Itamar Investigation

According to Ynet:

Shin Bet, IDF and police have arrested two Palestinians, both residents of the village of Awarta, in connection to the Fogel family massacre in Itamar in March. The first suspect is Hakim Mazen Awad, 18, a high school student whose father was active in the Popular Front terror organization. Awad has a prison record. His uncle, who was killed in clashes with IDF forces in 2003, was involved in a June 2002 terror attack in Itamar, which left five dead. The second suspect, Amjad Mahmad Awad, 19, also a student, is affiliated with the Popular Front. (YNET)

Now, YNET doesn't mention the method of investigation. But, luckily, I have the partial transcript:

Shin Bet Investigator 1 (David): So, Hakim, I was told that the last week you spent in our four stars hotel convinced you to cooperate with the investigation?

Hakim: (trying to move his broke arm) yes.

Shin Bet Investigator 2 (Shlomo): Good! Good! Yalla David, let's finish this. Let's finish it and call it a day.

David: (taking a file from a pile on his desk, opening it). So, Hakim, do you confess that you were in the room with Hitler when he gave the order to exterminate all the Jews of Europe?

Hakim: I do. I do.

David: please describe what happened.

Hakim: I was sitting in the room. Hitler came in with a briefcase. He had that funny mustache.

Shlomo: David, David! You took the wrong file out. What's the matter with you? This is the f**ing wrong file!

Hakim: He open the briefcase and said, "now we're going to kill all the Jews." He then.

Shlomo: Shut up! Shut up! David, please start again.

David: (picking up a different file), So, Hakim, do you confess that you infiltrated Itamar and committed a vile murder of a family and their children?

Hakim: I do. I do. I went to Itamar together with Hitler. He ordered me to slaughter the baby. I then went and cut the throat of the baby. Hitler was very happy and gave me a bar of chocolate.

Shlomo: (shaking Hakim up) I am going to break every bone in your body if you mention Hitler one more time! Do you understand?

Hakim: I am sorry. I thought that's what you wanted. I apologize. I will try to do better.

David: Ok. Hakim. take it easy. How did you get inside Itamar?

Hakim: we dug a tunnel and crawled into Itamar in the night.

Shlomo: you mean you climbed over the fence.

Hakim: Yes! Sorry. That is what I mean. We dug a tunnel and then we took the tunnel with us and we climbed over the fence.


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