April 13, 2011

Video of Goldstone debate at Stanford University

This is from Victor Kattan's website:

You can watch the Goldstone debate at Stanford University, which took place in the Law School on 28 March here. In addition to my participation in the debate, Noura Erakat from Georgetown University, spoke alongside me arguing in favour of the findings of the report. Avi Bell from San Diego University and Peter Berkowitz of the Hoover Institution argued against it. 

The debate attracted some attention in the press because Goldstone commented on the report before and after the debate. Roger Cohen writing in The New York Times described the debate as 'bruising'. In Foreign Policy, Bell thought that the debate might have had an impact on Goldstone's infamous 'retraction' in the Washington Post. Personally I don't think the debate had any discernable impact on Goldstone's opinion of his report as he defended it well in the face of fierce criticism. 

But you can judge for yourself by watching the debate here. Continue Reading... 
So hot a clip it is that it isn't even on youtube yet but watch this space...


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