May 18, 2011

Israel's Herrenvolk police slaps a Palestinian lawyer

At the end of this clip, Herrenvolk police officer Kobi Bachar, deputy commander of the Galilee District Police, slaps a Palestinan lawyer after she asked him why he is arresting protesters (972mag). Of course, by the macho apartheid rules of the state also known as "the only feminist, queer friendly, democratic, pluralistic haven in the Middle East (TM)", she's asking for it. She is, after all, both a Palestinian, and a woman, and she dares speak to a police officer. For all we know, she might have even looked him in the eyes when she questioned his authority to enforce the rule that Jews rule. I am sure the poor man needed counseling to overcome the sheer trauma.

In an effort to save readers time I provide below copy that can be directly incorporated into New York Times and Washington Post articles:
In a recent flare up of violence (1) in Arab towns in Israel, an Arab (2) protester, a woman according to some Palestinian sources (3), hit the palm of a police officer with her cheek. The police officer was briefly hospitalized but his life is reportedly not in danger. Some Middle East experts (4) see the hand of the Iranian government behind the attack (5).

  1. because normal repression is not violent, only opposition to repression can be violent.

  2. as in the crowd scenes in "The Mummy."

  3. To prevent bias, we send only blind reporters to the Middle East

  4. the reporter's brother in law

  5. what else could cause the happy and pampered Palestinian citizens of Israel to take the streets?


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