May 21, 2011

"Working definition" update

The UK's Universities and Colleges Union's congress takes place on 30 May 2011.  Under the Business of the equality committee there is a motion on the former European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia's so-called "working definition of antisemitism":

70 EUMC working definition of anti-semitism - National Executive Committee

Congress notes with concern that the so-called 'EUMC working definition of antisemitism', while not adopted by the EU or the UK government and having no official status, is being used by bodies such as the NUS and local student unions in relation to activities on campus.
Congress believes that the EUMC definition confuses criticism of Israeli government policy and actions with genuine antisemitism, and is being used to silence debate about Israel and Palestine on campus.
Congress resolves:
  1. that UCU will make no use of the EUMC definition (e.g. in educating members or dealing with internal complaints)
  2. that UCU will dissociate itself from the EUMC definition in any public discussion on the matter in which UCU is involved
  3. that UCU will campaign for open debate on campus concerning Israel's past history and current policy, while continuing to combat all forms of racial or religious discrimination.

Needless to say, the UK's ADL wannabees at the Community Security Trust and Engage are none too happy.


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