September 04, 2011

Angry Arabs, a spy chief and the war on terror. Call for Norm

I've belatedly been following the Aaronovitch Watch blog which is going to close down soon according to itself. But they seem to be winding down sufficiently slowly to slip in an amusing post here or there. This one draws on the recent speech by former MI5 chief, Eliza Manningham-Buller, to ridicule former leftist, Norman Geras, whose finger, it predicts, "will soon be wagged", presumably over this:
Young Arabs, she said, had no opportunity to choose their own rulers. "For them an external enemy was a unifying way to address some of their frustrations."They were also united by the plight of Palestinians, a view that the west was exploiting their oil and supporting dictators. "It was wrong to say all terrorists belonged to al-Qaida," added Manningham-Buller.
OMG! Spy chief states obvious, shock!


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