October 26, 2011

People of Oakland under attack by thugs in uniform

One protester after being hit by a chemical weapons canister. (The use of chemical weapons during a war is a crime, but it is perfectly legal for attacking civilians)

One protester injured.

I don't want to jump to conclusions before we hear all the lies from the police department and the mayor of Oakland. After all, this protester from Occupy Oakland could have ties to al-quaeda, and maybe he tried to bite an officer. We need to hear all the lies first. If you want to get the lies in person, which is highly recommended and may be even entertaining, if not downright educational, the allegedly "progressive" mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan, will take your call at (510) 238-3141. Remember that she's really on your side. 

injured protester evacuated in oakland

On the brighter side, explaining how it works in Palestine might get a tad easier.


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