February 21, 2012

Jewish Chronicle's racism goes explicit

I think this might be the most repulsively racist article I have ever seen in the Jewish Chronicle or in the mainstream UK media as a whole. It's by a barrister, Clive Wolman. who is also, according to the JC, an award winning journalist, though smartly, it doesn't mention who gave the award, nor what for. Having read this article, I can't imagine.

Anyway, let's skip to its conclusion.

Some argue it would be racist to re-partition Palestine into two ethnic states with borders artfully drawn to ensure that as few Arabs as possible are in the Jewish state - and vice versa. But that was precisely the principle behind the complex UN partition plan for Palestine in 1947, and behind many other partitions before and since. Even today, the cultural, linguistic, religious and political gap between Arabs and Jews remains much wider than that between, say, Irish Catholics and Protestants, Czechs and Slovaks, Walloons and Flemish, Serbs and Croats, Hindus and Muslims or Greeks and Turks. The bi-national state, even if desirable in principle, will have to await the next century.
So, there we have it. No sooner has Norman Finkelstein gone on record denouncing the global Palestine solidarity movement for not supporting the two state solution, than the JC comes out in supporting a racially purer form of the State of Israel than exists already.  Perhaps it's time to be as explicitly against Israel's existence as the zionists are now confident enough to be open about the desirability of Israel's Jewish supremacism.


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