April 19, 2012

Ken the endangered panderer

Oi gevalt! Does Ken Livingstone's opportunism know no bounds?  Here he is in Totally Jewish claiming that he is opposed to the boycott call to the Globe Theatre over the inclusion of a state directed Israeli theatre group:
in a move that will be applauded by those opposed to boycotts of Israel, he also expressed strong opposition to a call by some performers and writers to disinvite Israel's national theatre from a Cultural Olympiad event at the Globe Theatre next month. "I disagree with that. I don't want the Olympics, including the Cultural Olympiad, turned into a political football."
 There have been knives out for Livingstone throughout the hasbara blogosphere and his interview with Totally Jewish has him trying to pander his way back into favour.  I think his sheer lack of principle may still keep him on the endangered list.


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