April 09, 2012

Reduce, reuse, recycle - how Engage overcomes the funding gap

I just noticed a zionist blogger claiming that the Board of Deputies of British Jews provided funding to Engage to work within the then Association of University Teachers to oppose BDS.  The claim was made in a comment by "Judy", the blogger at Adloyada in response to queries from fellow zionist, Bob from Brockley:
Bob, the driving forces in the JLC today are Mick Davis (definitely well left of centre on Israel, was happy to give the Jewish Chronicle an interview in which he said he was sometimes ashamed of Israel), Vivian Wineman (Peace Now), Jeremy Newmark (had brilliant idea of funding soft Trotskyists Engage to lead the campaign against the higher ed boycott with disastrous results)
I've never heard that claim before and nor, clearly, had Bob:
Is it true that Newmark/JLC funded Engage? Or that the results of Engage's strategy have been "disastrous"? Or that a different strategy against an academic boycott would have been more effective?
Back comes Judy:
Yes,it is true that the then Board of Deputies, with Jeremy Newmark central to the operation concerned, funded Engage to run a campaign against the then boycott proposals of AUT in 2005.
Now I don't know how much the funding was, nor how long it went on for but I have noticed that neither Engage nor Greens Engage have been posting much of late and when Engage has run any kind of post it has been a rehash or a repost of something from elsewhere or prepared years earlier. So for apparent want of funding Engage is doing what Greens advocate, reducing, reusing and recycling.

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