June 19, 2012

Was South Africa an apartheid state in 1967?

Well according to the Zionist Central Council of Manchester it can't have been.  I'm simply following the logic of their planned response to a Palestine Solidarity picket of the women's football match between Wales and Israel.  Here's Wrexham.com

Wrexham plays host to the Welsh womans football team’s European Championship qualifying match against Israel on Wednesday night at the Racecourse – kick off 6pm.
Tickets are free and can be ordered from this page on Glyndwr Uni’s site.
The ‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ is organising a protest picket of the game outside the stadium, saying “Palestinian teams have consistently been refused visas to travel to competitions, and restrictions on movement both within the West Bank and between the West Bank and Gaza further compound the difficulties that Palestinian footballers face. In 2006 the football stadium in Gaza was bombed by the Israeli Army.
Now check out the ZCCM response:
The Zionist Central Council of Manchester are also urging their supporters to head to the Racecourse “with Israeli flags to show your support for the Israeli womens football team”, but also encouraging their supporters to “send the Palestine Solidarity Campaign a message that Israel is not an Apartheid country, but rather a country that has brought major advancements in technology and healthcare to the rest of the world. 
The world's first ever heart transplant was performed by Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town, South Africa in 1967.  No apartheid there then.


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