July 20, 2012

No official racist demo at the Olympics!

There have been demands for a zionist demonstration at the Olympics in London using the killing of some Israeli Olympics athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics as a pretext.  So far, thankfully, the International Olympics Committee has refused to bow to the pressure.  But help for the racist war criminals of the State of Israel is on the way in the form of the self-appointed leader of the world's gay community, Sir Peter Tatchell. Maybe that's just Peter Tatchell for the time being.  Anyway, here he is courtesy of the Jewish Chronicle:

The human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has criticised the International Olympic Committee for denying the request of the widow of one of the Israelis killed at the Munich Games for a minute's commemorative silence.
Mr Tatchell expressed his shock over the continued stubbornness of Lord Coe and Jacques Rogge, respectively the London Games chair and the IOC president, on the matter.
"I deplore the IOC's decision to not hold a minute's silence in memory of the athletes murdered in Munich in 1972," he said. "It is the most tragic event in the whole history of the Olympics. To ignore this 40th anniversary is reprehensible. "The massacre was not only an outrageous crime but also an outrageous violation of Olympic principles and values," he said. "The IOC has abdicated its moral responsibilities."
And of course, the State of Israel does nothing in "violation of Olympic principles". There has never been a move to have this particular incident commemorated at the Olympics before but if we note Tatchell's words, apparently it is the 40th anniversary of the event which makes it so special - not the fact that the dead were Jewish or Israeli. But hold on, what's this? The racists at Harry's Place also want a moment at the London Olympics to show that Jewish or Israeli lives are worth more than the far greater number of Arab lives lost in the zionist conquest of Palestine. I presume Israel is careful not to slaughter children during or at the Olympics. Gene at HP is chuffed that someone or other at NBC is going to do their own bit of commemorating:
Bob Costas– hosting the ceremonies for the American network NBC– will take it on himself.
At the July 27 Opening Ceremony from London, Costas plans to call out the IOC for denying Israel’s request for a moment of silence acknowledging the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches at the 1972 Games. On the 40th anniversary of Munich, it’s a decision he finds “baffling.” When the Israeli delegation enters the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium, Costas will stage his own protest: “I intend to note that the IOC denied the request,” he says, modulating his voice as if he were on the air. “Many people find that denial more than puzzling but insensitive. Here’s a minute of silence right now.”
Well done, Bob. Anyone want to try and convince the BBC to do the same?
Gene isn't the only one at Harry's Place keen for a racist demo at the Olympics. Sarah Annes Brown wants racist demos in favour of Israel now and forever more:

It is of course 40 years since 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by terrorists at the Munich Olympic Games.  If you live in the UK you might like to ask your MP to sign EDM 100:
That this House notes that the London 2012 Olympic Games will be the 40th anniversary of the murder of 11 members of the Israeli team at the Munich Olympics of 1972; further notes that for 40 years their families have asked the International Olympic Committee to observe a minute’s silence in their memory; believes that it would be a fitting tribute to the memory of the 11 Israeli athletes, coaches and referees to hold a minute’s silence at this year’s and every subsequent Games to promote peace; and urges the International Olympic Committee to honour the memory of those murdered in 1972 by holding a minute’s silence.
So far only 55 MPs have supported this EDM.
It's interesting to note that neither of the HP posts mentioned Peter Tatchell's intervention. It might be that they don't know about it or it could be because Tatchell has openly supported BDS. Anyway, there were some interesting comments below the line at Sarah's post one of which stood out as a reason why the powers that be might think better of a racist demonstration in favour of the State of Israel at Olympics 2012:
I can understand that is a poisoned chalice for them when the Arab nations walk out, and people in the crowd start booing (as they will)
That was part of a larger comment from one of the HP faithful, not one of the critics they occasionally allow through the cordon.

 And that's the position so far. There is a campaign to have this official zionist demonstration at the London Olympics and we can have a plan A and a plan B. Plan A is that this hypocritical act of devotion to the racist war criminals of the State of Israel doesn't happen Plan B is that if it does lots of states will walk out and it will be booed and jeered by the opponents of racism and hypocrisy - and even the racist hypocrites themselves know that.

UPDATE: HP now has several posts on this Olympic commemoration business.  There are literally too many count because together with dedicated posts they have slipped the commemoration demand into posts which were ostensibly about something else.  Anyway, for all they have at least a dozen posts on it, it only took one dissenter to blow them all away:

  28 July 2012, 6:08 pm

Well, if they gave out medals for heavily-politicised self-pity, HP Sauce would win gold for their efforts on this issue.
If you want to remember those poor athletes, feel free – nobody’s stopping you. It’s right an just to do so, in fact.
Suddenly declaring that the Olympics MUST do what you want RIGHT THIS SECOND, OR ELSE, then calling them every name under the sun when they don’t, smells like bullshit. It looks like an entirely confected outrage and indeed, that seems to be exactly what it is for 95% of the people I’ve seen comment on this.
That's the kind of common sense comment which can lead to apoplexy in the HP sewer but this time it seems to have served as a wake up call regarding this particular self-indulgence.  Only two counter comments followed, one accusing flyingrodent of holocaust denial and the other calling him scum.  Well done that rodent!

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