August 25, 2012

Guardian repeals banana skin

I didn't think anything about this Joshua Treviño guy when Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada ran a post denouncing The Guardian's dishonesty in changing an announcement from the appointment of Treviño as a "correspondent" in its "US editorial team" to a mere "commentator" in its "commentary team" whilst The Guardian was demanding a retraction and apology from Abunimah for reporting the original announcement correctly. I didn't think that much about it when Tony Greenstein ran several posts denouncing the appointment.

It looked to me that The Guardian had just overstepped it a tad in trying to balance out some of its leftish types with a rightist.  After all they've had David Aaronovitch and Julie Burchill on the books before and they still have Nick Cohen at The Observer.  

But really the guy was completely off of my radar and then a fairly regular JSF commenter called Mooser said, off topic at the time, "The Guardian just hired Josh Trevino? Is that possible?" I simply replied with what I knew, "Apparently but they've already downgraded him from editorial to commentary."

Now I just noticed Mondoweiss reporting that Treviño has been ditched altogether by The Guardian.  The stated reason is that he failed to declare an interest when he wrote this Cif piece.

The Guardian keeps slipping on these banana skins but the way they've handled this one has been so shabby Charlie Pottins is asking, "Guardian does the right thing but is it the right way?" Actually, if you read nothing else about this whole sorry saga, read Charlie's post at Random Pottins.  It's a very handy round-up.


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