August 05, 2012

Israel plans a new humanitarian disaster

And it's not against the Palestinians this time.  Here's Ha'aretz on how and where Israel intends to deal with African migrants:
The detention compound being built in the south for African migrants will accommodate up to 30,000 people, despite Defense Ministry statements that it would house 12,400, an Interior Ministry protocol shows......
The High Court of Justice denied on Thursday a petition filed by the civil rights group Bimkom Planners for Planning Rights against the project's exemption from certain planning regulations. The court also denied the NGO's request for an injunction to stop the work. 
Nir Shalev of Bimkom contended the planned tent town and detention facilities would create "awful living conditions. I hope the Knesset or the courts will grasp this and stop the imminent humanitarian disaster."
That's strange because it seems the State of Israel actively encourages people from abroad to go there and live.

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