November 23, 2012

Is this a record? Israel kills Palestinian within two days of signing ceasefire

According to the BBC:
A Palestinian man has been shot dead by Israeli soldiers close to the Gaza border, say Palestinian officials.
It is the first reported killing since the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel came into force on Wednesday evening.
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it fired warning shots at a group walking towards the border fence, then fired at their legs when they did not respond.
Towards the end of the BBC report we have this:
The BBC's Jon Donnison [he's the chap who ignored tweeted questions about the killing of his colleague's 11 month old baby] in Gaza says shootings near the border happen fairly often and do not always lead to an escalation of violence.
So what? Israel's always killing Palestinians so it doesn't really mean they've broken a ceasefire but see this:
Israel has unilaterally declared a 300m-wide exclusion zone around the fence which it says is needed for security
Ah, so the "withdrawal from Gaza" is even less of a withdrawal than we're usually told it was. And how does Israel secure the "secure" bit?

Anyway, I asked "is this a record". Israel has killed a Palestinian within two days of signing a ceasefire which most people must have thought meant they would stop killing people in Gaza. They have now killed a Gazan who strayed from Gaza into, er, Gaza. They managed to go more than a day without breaking their word and without killing a Palestinian. That, indeed, might be a record.


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