November 21, 2012

Israel's attack on Gaza causes zionist antisemitism

It's been said by me and others many times before that zionism is ultimately antisemitic but examples aren't always easy to find.  Helpfully, the Jewish Chronicle made it easier just recently.  Here's Electronic Intifada's Asa Winstanley:

A pro-Israel newspaper promoted anti-Semitic slander on their website Friday. The story’s headline claimed “Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel” for its current attack on Gaza.
The Jewish Chronicle staff have since edited the headline to clarify the “unanimous” support is actually from “UK Jewish communal organisations” (though even that is not accurate).
But this screen capture from a Google search of the original headline clearly proves The Jewish Chronicle published the headline. A version of the headline also survives on an index page of their website, as of this writing: “Unanimous UK [Jewish] community support for Israel over Gaza fighting.”
The story contains a list of signatories on a letter to the Israel’s UK ambassador supporting Israel’s war crimes in Gaza as an “entirely understandable response.”
The list of signatories are in fact mostly representatives or members of some of the most fanatically pro-Israel lobby groups and propaganda organizations, including the Jewish Leadership CouncilBICOM, the Labour Friends of Israel and the Conservative Friends of Israel.
No one elected these people to speak in the “unanimous” name of Britain’s Jews.
The disgusting sentiment proves once again that Zionists are willing to give anti-Semitism a free pass: but only in the service of fanatical support for Israel.
The original headline he is referring to still appears in the google search but the JC was too quick off the mark for the cached headline to tally with it so here's what you still see in the google search:

Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel over Gaza fighting
5 days ago – Representatives of the Anglo-Jewish community of all political persuasions have joined together to express solidarity with Israel.

Cor, and it seems like only yesterday that someone in a letter to The Guardian was slagging Jews for criticising Israel "as Jews".  Oh, it was only yesterday:
Miriam Margolyes (et al) and Professor Brent (Letters, 19 November) conjure up another tired old canard by introducing themselves as Jews. Does their Jewishness add weight to their views?

Hopefully now the chap who wrote that will understand why some of us think it is important to identify ourselves as Jews when we condemn Israel. If we don't speak for ourselves the zionists will take it upon themselves to speak for us and surely we have a right to oppose their antisemitism together with their more obvious form of racism, zionism itself.

As it happens, whilst googling for the headline "Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel over Gaza fighting" I found more evidence that the JC did indeed change its original headline. See this from I4U:

Unanimous UK Jewish community support for Israel over Gaza fighting

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Representatives of the Anglo-Jewish community of all political persuasions have joined together to express solidarity with Israel. In a letter to Israeli ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub, officials from g ...
5 days ago, 6:03am CST

Well well well, bang to rights I'd say.  Oi JC, you speak for yourselves!

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