November 03, 2012

Shock as Abe Foxman has to get a proper job

Yup, it had to happen. After two decades of over-inflating the definition and allegation of antisemitism, the Anti-Definition League's annual audit of antisemitic incidents in the USA has reported a fall of 13% according to this Times of Israel report:
The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States declined by 13 percent in 2011, an annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents found.
The annual Anti-Defamation League Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, released Thursday, reported a total of 1,080 incidents of assault, vandalism and harassment, compared to 1,239 incidents reported in 2010.
It is the lowest number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded by ADL in the past two decades, the organization said.
But it's not all doom and gloom for Abe:
The report showed an increase, however, in the number of incidents of school bullying, with Jewish students reporting being harassed and intimidated by their peers using offensive anti-Semitic stereotypes or comments evoking the Nazis or the Holocaust.
No examples, no context, no nothing. That's the kind of thing that keeps Abe in business.

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