December 25, 2012

Christmas gift - hasbara banished from the net

Hey look at this.  I said before that Bob from Brockley is a useful one stop shop for hasbara sites.  I won't link to it now because I just went to it and I got this:

Danger: Malware Ahead!
Google Chrome has blocked access to this page on
Content from, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.
Malware is malicious software that causes things like identity theft, financial loss and permanent file deletion. Learn more

So poor old Bob from Brockley is getting flagged for malware on account of links to The Jewish Chronicle.  I've linked to both Bob from Brockley and The JC before now. I'm not aware of Jews sans frontieres yielding a malware warning.  Maybe it's context specific. Obviously I don't link to The JC as approvingly as Bob from Brockley does.  So maybe it's just the hasbara sites which are problematic.  Still, it's made my Christmas.

Have a good one everyone...

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