January 03, 2013

It's the product not the brand which lets Israel down

Another article "explaining" why brand Israel isn't working.  Here's Ha'aretz:
The social networking activity of Hamas during Operation Pillar of Defense was more effective than that of the Israel Defense Forces, a study by an Israeli researcher has shown.

Tomer Simon, a researcher at the Department of Emergency Medicine and PREPARED Center for Emergency Response Research at Ben Gurion University in the Negev, followed the virtual battle by analyzing the Twitter accounts of the IDF Spokesman and Hamas during November's clashes. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the hashtags used by each side, the number of mentions for each hashtag and the reactions they received, Simon determined that Israel was under harsher attack by international Web surfers.

“Social networking is based on interaction with the audience, unlike the conventional media, which are one-directional and act only to disseminate information,” said Simon.
Simon's study found that the IDF refrained almost entirely from engaging in Twitter discussions, and in doing so failed to dominate the online discourse and the messages being transmitted.
So whereas Israel controlled the entire theatre of its war on a defenceless Gaza population the failure of Israeli war criminals to put their hashtags and @ signs in the right place had the Palestinians winning worldwide sympathy.

So next time Israel embarks on one of its Palestinian culls expect Mark Regev to ask what the English would do if the Welsh rained hashtags and @ signs randomly at England.


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