January 06, 2013

Lawyer for Israel: Jewish Chronicle "fair and accurate", shock!

The secretary of the Israel advocacy group, UK Lawyers for Israel had the following letter published in Friday's print edition of The Jewish Chronicle:

Your report (Veolia pulls out of waste bid), though fair and accurate, may leave readers with the impression that Veolia withdrew from North London Waste Authority tenders owing to pressure by anti-Veolia campaigners.

However, Veolia's withdrawal is highly unlikely to have been the result of such pressure.  In the campaigners' fantasy world they claim victory whenever Veolia misses out on a contract - which naturally can happen when Veolia competes with other companies.

Council taxpayers will pay more because of Veolia's withdrawal.  But the anti-Veolia campaigners can take no credit for this unfortunate outcome, since the pull-out was almost certainly based on commercial and financial 

David Lewis
UK Lawyers for Israel
Now that's a lawyer's letter if ever there was one.

That might be the first time the JC has ever had a complaint for fairness and accuracy.


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