April 02, 2013

Pearl Jam announces Israel gig but not to American fans

See this?  It happens to me sometimes.  I give a post a headline and then change it but the url still records the original headline.  A similar thing has happened to Pearl Jam with the headline being,

Pearl Jam Announces Two Shows in July 2013

whereas the url is:
Now that's a funny thing. Let's check the content:
We are excited to announce two special Pearl Jam live performances to take place in London, Ontario and at Chicago’s Wrigley Field in July 2013. Both evenings will be An Evening with Pearl Jam; there will not be an opening band for either performance date.

The two show dates are:
Tues, July 16 - London, Ontario Budweiser Gardens
Fri, July 19 - Chicago, Illinois at Wrigley Field

*Fall Tour dates in the US will be announced in the coming months.

Public Sale tickets:
Chicago IL – Sat, Feb 9th 10am local time at www.tickets.com
London, ON – Sat, Feb 9th 10am local time at www.budweisergardens.com/events, by phone at 1.866.455.2849, or in person at the Box Office or Ticket Outlets.
Nothing about Israel there so where did the url come from?

I know what to do.  Let's google, "Pearl Jam announces one show in Israel in July 2014".  Note, it's in quotes because I'm feeling lucky.  Now what comes up?

That's it.  It's an Israeli site, café.mouse.co.il and they are excited:
 Pearl Jam - Israel 2014

בלעדי לקהילת המוזיקה של הקפה!

להקת Pearl Jam הודיעה במסיבת עיתונאים מצומצמת על תאריך אחד להופעה בישראל בפארק גני יהושע,תל אביב.

ההופעה תהיה ללא להקת חימום ותהיה נטו פרל ג'אם.

פרטים נוספים באתר הלהקה:


מתוך האתר:
Pearl Jam Announces One Show in Israel in July 2014
March 31 2013 24:00.01

We are excited to announce one special Pearl Jam live performance to take place in Tel-Aviv, Israel at the Joshua Park in July 2014. The show "Evening with Pearl Jam", so there will not be an opening band for the performance date. The show dates is:Wed, July 16  Tel-Aviv, Israel Joshua Park
*Fall Tour dates in the US will be announced in the coming months.
Public Sale tickets:Will be open three months before the show at the local boots and ticket offices in Israel.
Public announcement:

After years of anticipation from the audience in Israel, members of Pearl Jam announced at a press conference this evening on a one  date performance Joshua Park in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The band denied rumors about not reaching so far for political reasons.

Performance will be in style  of an Evening with Pearl Jam so there  will be no warm-up band.The band will be accompanied by dozens of members of the stage, lighting and sound.

"It's going to be an unforgettable performance," said bassist Jeff Ament

"We did not believe such a small country in the Middle East, will have so much of a following," said lead singer and frontman Eddie Vedder

Date concert set for Wednesday 07/16/2014.
Now I'd never heard of Pearl Jam but they've got nearly 2,000,000 on their twitter account so maybe they don't know about BDS and the fact that Israel is an illegitimate colonial settler state based on ethnic cleansing and segregationist laws.

H/T Karen

UPDATE: Apparently this whole Pearl Jam and the stray url thing was a hoax.  I was told that ages ago but a) I couldn't understand what I was being told and b) I couldn't see the point of it. I was going to delete the whole thing but it's not nice to those who have commented so here I am looking a dick.  Ah well, I've been there before....

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