December 29, 2013

Peace of Ass?

I found this Avital Raz song on Youtube rather disturbing:

We, she and I, had a little natter about it on Twitter. Avital Raz's website is here.

I should have pointed out without prompting that the proceeds from the song are going to StopTheWall.Org as Avital Raz herself says:

Glad to see this song is shared.
A lot of the press contacted either ignored it on the grounds of it not being politically correct or Not being black & white. I think its important to support art on the subject to help make sense out of what's going on. Just wanted to add that all the earnings from the download of this song are going to an anti apartheid Palestinian organization. And I'd like to make a point that I'm an Israeli (living in the UK now) trying to raise money to stop the wall. Download here: https://avita lraz.ban
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you, Avital, for sharing...


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