January 02, 2014

Picture This! Hi Viz Wall at St James's Church Piccadilly

I tweeted this tweet yesterday night, well about 6 hours ago:

I'm pleased with the picture which I took from Swallow Street, just across Piccadilly from St James's Church.  The point is the visibility of the thing.  Everyone who walks along Piccadilly towards Piccadilly Circus sees it and everyone I saw passing, stopped to take a closer look and that was when the place was closed.

I reckon more people have seen that wall in London that have seen the real thing on TV in the whole of the UK.

If you want an even closer look than I got then consider what are left of the events lined up by the Bethlehem Unwrapped partnership.  Apparently zionists have been picketing and leafleting at each event but they are summoning the faithful for a particularly menacing presence on 4th Jan.  It wouldn't surprise me if the Israeli embassy's decision to pull out of the panel discussion might be linked to their sheer embarrassment at the antics to be expected of the zionists.  On the other hand it could just be that there simply is no case for The State of Israel.  Yeah, that's probably it.


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