March 21, 2014

Right of Return not Law of Return?

I could have said, JC's Marcus Dysch nearly right, shock! but I think I use that shock headline or tweet too much.  But here's the Dysch article on the law/right of return in The Jewish Chronicle:
The headline states, Greece passes 'law of return' for Jews who fled.

The Law of Return is of course the main legal instrument underpinning Israel's segregationist system privileging Jews over non-Jews.

So, Law of Return, has been given a bit of a bad name among anti-racists.  But what does Dysch say in the article?
Greece has passed legislation allowing Jews who fled the country before the end of the Second World War the "right of return" and to claim citizenship.

Former deputy foreign minister Dimitrios Dollis instigated the new law - which will come into effect within a month.

He said it was unlikely many Jews would claim Greek citizenship, but that he had acted out of principle.
So the right of return, for Greece, and actually for international law, is a principle. Is that the JC's position?  Marcus Dysch might want to be careful what he wishes for.


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