May 16, 2014

Jewish Chronicle praises Livni but won't mention the Irgun

There's a typically dishonest article on the Jewish Chronicle website which didn't quite make it into today's print edition because it was about Tzipi Livni's address to the Jewish National Fund faithful (plus a couple of infiltrators) last night in London.

First up the headline is contradicted in the article.  Here's the headline:

What protests? Livni enchants the crowd at JNF event

And this is from the article:
Outside the venue, over 100 pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered to protest against Ms Livni’s appearance, countered by a similar number of pro-Israel supporters. The two sides were separated from each other by police barriers and a busy road.
One day's notice and Palestine solidarity activists could muster as many opponents of Livni as the article claims the Zionists could muster for their own event.

Also my people in the event told me that they thought the Palestine solidarity demonstrators outnumbered the zionists by about two to one and the police confirmed this when I turned up after the event while they were putting away the barriers.

And what of Livni's speech?
Ms Livni told her audience: “The first thing I want to emphasise is my parents were freedom fighters and not terrorists. I am not willing to accept any comparison with terrorists like Hamas who are looking for civilians to kill.”
Deir Yassin anyone?  Her parents were in the Irgun but you would never know this from the JC article.   Livni herself wasn't so reticent.  She was happy to name the terrorists of the Irgun even she wasn't so keen on calling them terrorists nor on recalling their undeniably terrorist actions.

There's another article which did make it into today's print edition and that is the bizarre Livni claim that she would still have come to the UK without the special immunity that had to be arranged for her.
Ms Livni said: “I am a proud Israeli and I have no problem coming to the UK despite the arrest warrant. I would have come anyway, whether or not the UK government had not blocked the warrant.
Again, you would never know from the article that it was the Israelis who have been demanding, and eventually getting, this legal immunity in the UK for their war crimes suspects.

Back to last night.  Remember I said about the good Arab being seen but not heard.  Well the JC did hear him:
After the speech, Ismail Khaldi, an Israeli diplomat in London who comes from Israel’s Bedouin Arab community told the JC: “I wish it was me up there. One day I want to become a politician.”
See, I said he was seen but not heard and he even claims he wanted to be heard.  Maybe he's only just found out about Israel's ethno-religious pecking order.


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