October 16, 2004

Apartheid in denial

A friend of mine very kindly typed up this ridiculous article from The Guardian*. denying that Israel is an apartheid state. It touts such differences between apartheid and Zionism as Israel wanting to keep the natives out rather than exploiting them and the fact that skin colour was the main determinant of one's rights in South Africa whereas religion is the decisive factor in Israel. You have to admire the guy's (Benjamin Pogrund's) chutzpah. The hand wringing about bad practices in Israel together with some kernels of truth are there so have a careful read and respond.

*The "original" article isn't on line so I have posted it to my other site.

Quick update:

There is one wilful lie in the article:

"The Jewish state was born in pain [what does that mean?]: it was attacked and Arabs suffered mass dispossession in the war for survival" - in November 1947, as soon as the UN announced the partition plan [granting 55% of Palestine to the 30% Jewish population] and Britain announced its intention to withdraw from Palestine, the Zionists began the ethnic cleansing. Britain withdrew from Palestine in May 1948 and the State of Israel was declared. By this time hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had already been dispossessed and displaced. The Arab states mobilised to prevent further ethnic cleansing and land grabbing by Israel. This is all very well documented. If Benjamin Pogrund is not a deliberate liar he is certainly running with the most infamous lie in the Zionist book. Again one has to ask why does The Guardian. publish such rubbish?


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