October 16, 2004

Zionism: a better class of violence

I don't usually buy The Guardian. but the report I posted about below didn't appear on line. I don't usually read the business pages either but a puff piece on Starbucks and its Zionist CEO Howard Schultz caught my attention. Now two years ago, almost exactly, I wrote to Oxfam to complain about their return of a £5,000 donation from a Professor Honderich because he had expressed sympathy with Palestinian suicide bombers. I don't have their reply anymore but they said that they couldn't accept money from someone who expressed support for violence. According to the article linked above it appears that Oxfam has overcome its squeamishness about violence and is happy to work on a joint venture with Starbucks in spite of their CEO's open support for Ariel Sharon's atrocities in the occupied territories. People can write to Oxfam for an explanation of what is at best an inconsistency by following this link.

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