April 15, 2005

Protocols fraud: a leaflet, a pamphlet or a book?

The above link is to an article in the Guardian by a Luciana Berger who claims that she had no choice to resign from the National Union of Students' National Executive Committee "because of a continued apathy within the National Union of Students to Jewish student suffering." She claims that it was a "natural step" to join the Union of Jewish Students when she started at Uni. I joined the Jewish Society (as it was then known) when I attended Uni but I wouldn't call it a "natural step". Also I didn't know that the UJS had two seats on the World Zionist Congress, which means it's not simply Jewish, but specifically zionist.

Anyway, I won't get into her various allegations just now but I did notice the following:
A leaflet was readily available on the GUPS stalls at the conference for two days. The text was the typical anti-semitic work; the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Once again, complaints were met with unacceptable delays and silence.

Many people claim that being anti-Israel/Zionist isn't being anti-semitic. But why does hatred of Israel lead them to turn a blind eye to the Protocols on a GUPS pamphlet?
Now the Protocols is an anti-Semitic fraud, incidentally commissioned, as far as is known, by the Tsarist secret police chief Count von Plehve. Just to irritate certain people I want to point out that von Plehve became a true friend and ally of the founder of the World Zionist Organisation, Theodor Herzl, after the latter presented his splendid wheeze to wean Jews off of radicalism and rid Russia of them. That was, of course, zionism. Anyway, I digress. The Protocols purported to detail the minutes of a meeting of Jewish conspirators. It is a book like Mein Kampf in that it is far more talked about than read and I certainly haven't read it. I do however know that it is a book. Not a leaflet or a pamphlet as per Luciana Berger's piece. So how did this happen? How did the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) manage to cram a book into a leaflet or a pamphlet or, according to Berger, both? Look out for the Guardian's Corrections and Clarifications and keep looking. They rarely correct or clarify in such a way as to embarrass the zionist movement.

Update - according to this message board a GUPS stall bore an anti-semitic pamphlet for three days. Having read it, it reads like an Israel Shamir style rant, except his English is usually good. I'd say GUPS has got some explaining to do but I don't think this pamphlet is typical of their output. Already there's a ruckus going on at leftist e-groups and the message board I have linked to so let's hope GUPS clarifies the situation.


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