April 15, 2005

White flag, or maybe a camera, is a threat to Israel

Now I know it's not news for Israel to get away with murder, even when the victims are non-Palestinian but this is news. According to the Independent.
The British government formally protested to Israel after the army officer who opened fire when the film-maker James Miller was shot dead in Gaza two years ago was acquitted of disciplinary charges.
Apparently Britain has asked questions about the murder, by an Israeli soldier, of UNRWA's Iain Hook, but I have heard no word of a formal complaint. I was told that questions were asked in Parliament about the latter case and that there were ministerial answers in Hansard (the parliamentary transcripts) on 8/4/2005 (that's 4/8 if your American).

Perhaps Israel will set up "reconstructions" of the various murders and get them filmed by "independent" German film companies as with the case of Mohammed al-Durra. Or perhaps they won't bother, after all, what's one more murder to Israel?


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