January 06, 2006

Chief Rabbi wrong shock!

The Jewish Chronicle has new Jewish Policy Research director Tony Lerman accusing the Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks of "painting a partial picture." In an earlier post I berated the Chief for both exaggerating the incidence of anti-semitism and of using a highly inappropriate metaphor and for that I was accused of lying by some zionist commentors who suggested that he hadn't intended the metaphor to be a case of likening the rise of anti-semitism to the Indian Ocean tsuname on Boxing Day 2004. Well get this, a spokesman for the Chief Rabbi said that:
he had not lightly invoked the Asian catastrophe. It was, the Chief Rabbi said, "part of the vocabulary of politics in certain parts of the world."
And in the letters page a writer thought it
unfortunate that the Chief Rabbi, when describing the rise of anti-Semitism on Tadio 4, likened its effect to that of a tsunami.

Perhaps tidal wave would have been less offensive to those thousands who died in the disaster at the end of 2004.
So let's have those comments again.

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