January 18, 2006

Engage on Galloway's "anti-semitism"

Hey get this. I was just looking at the Engage site when I noticed this article.
In December, Norm published a letter sent to the Cambridge Arts Theatre by Matthew Kramer, Professor of Legal and Political Philosophy, Cambridge University. Matthew Kramer was concerned that the theater was giving a platform to George Galloway, instead of fulfilling its role as a platform for performing arts.
Norm has now posted an update of the case.
I posted (or tried to post) this comment.
Here's a quote from the letter - "you are apparently intending to allow the Arts Theatre to be used as a platform by a man who has made a number of anti-Semitic pronouncements in various settings. I shall be happy to supply you with relevant quotations. I should note that, when I say "anti-Semitic", I mean "anti-Semitic"; I do not mean "anti-Israeli" (though Galloway is of course implacably opposed to the state of Israel)."

Leaving aside the fact that being anti the State of Israel doesn't make a person "anti-Israeli", does anyone have any quotations from Galloway that are anti-semitic? I remember the Galloway v Telegraph Group case when the Telegraph's barrister (I think he was a QC) tried to accuse Galloway of anti-semitism, the judge, Eady, upped the damages. Here
Well guess what. The comment is awaiting moderation. I've never commented there before so it seems to be a precaution of some kind. I remember when Engage began its campaign against the boycott. They wouldn't take comments. You can see discussion on that in the comments to this post. Now they're vetting the comments before allowing them on the site. I delete objectionable or irritating stuff all the time but I try to let people know I've done it. Their twists and turns on comments remind me of Nick Cohen's little fiasco here, not that I needed reminding (ho ho).

Anyway, any takers? What has Galloway said that amounts to "a number of anti-Semitic pronouncements in various settings."?

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