January 01, 2007

Execute Saddam, he didn't like Israel

Check out this bizarre report from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
If there was any doubt as to Saddam Hussein's diehard hatred of Israel, it was dispelled by his declaration on the gallows: "Long live Iraq, Palestine is Arab!"

Yet while the deposed dictator's execution over the weekend was deplored by Palestinians who long saw him as their champion, reactions in Israel were more mixed.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, perhaps wary of stoking regional suspicions that the U.S.-led war in Iraq was part of a strategy to secure the Jewish state, had little comment on the death of a man who for decades had sown terror among Israelis whether through his Scud missile salvoes of the 1991 Gulf War or by bankrolling Palestinian suicide...
There's a registration required to read the rest but I tried googling that quote "Long live Iraq, Palestine is Arab!" and I have seen the official and unofficial footage of the execution itself. I can't find the expression on google and I can't hear him saying Falesteen on the gallows.


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