January 31, 2007

Keep on tracking!

These tracker things are getting very clever nowadays. I've got sitemeter which is open to the public and statcounter which isn't. But there's also a site I was shown recently called DNS Stuff which gives lots of information about any given IP address, even whether they are genuine or not.

Well I got roughly the same comment today on two posts about Gilad Atzmon from someone claiming to be Abraham Weinberger. Who knows? they may even be Abraham Weinberger. The IP address is Click on the address and have a look at the info. See what it gives? Company name, address, telephone number and even a contact name. Obviously if it's a company the name might be the ICT manager or some such. There's not much on google about the company but it seems to be connected with publicity and marketing. The last time I had someone with a strongly Jewish name doing something like this it was from another marketing type or PR company. Funny that. The name was "Jacob Rosenkrantz" and the comment was also about Atzmon. The IP was

It does show that whenever you surf you are trackable. Bad news for some, I'd say. Honesty is the best policy.


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