January 31, 2007

Parliamentary committee dons veil to criticise Israel and the UK government

What's that about a veil? Well look. According to Ian Black in the Guardian:
Rapidly deteriorating conditions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip risk blocking the creation of a viable Palestinian state, MPs warn today in a thinly veiled attack on British policy in the Middle East.

The report by the all-party International Development committee criticises the UK-backed financial boycott of the Palestinian Authority and says that this is drawing Palestinians closer to Iran. "The committee doubts whether this is a development the international community would have intended," it adds.
Why the veil? Why did they have to veil (thinly or otherwise) the idea that adding to the misery of the Palestinians by participation in a starvation policy against Palestine is somehow not nice?

There's also a Comment is free piece by War on Want's John Hilary calling for sanctions against Israel.
You know that things are serious when a parliamentary select committee puts out a call for sanctions against another sovereign state. Doubly so when that state is supposed to be one of Britain's key allies in the Middle East. Yet today the House of Commons international development committee is calling on the Labour government to press for sanctions against Israel over its treatment of the Palestinian people. Things must be pretty bad.
That's bad?


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