April 08, 2007

Abdelhadi's world

One of the reasons I started a blog was because I was a director of Arab Media Watch which, as the name implies, monitors the media for coverage of issues of interest to Arabs. It's quite a professional group with a very well presented and maintained website. I used to monitor the BBC and the Guardian. Well AMW, as a professional group, is rather cautious when it comes to engaging with the enemy and a couple of times I had to modify what I had written for fear of legal action or otherwise causing offence. So here I am, a blogger and in spite of quite a savage hack attack, AMW goes from strength to strength with its chairman, Sharif Nashashibi, appearing on news programmes around the world from time to time.

Anyway, whilst at AMW, I met a Palestinian chap called Abdelhadi with whom I became quite friendly. He now has a blog of his own called "Abdelhadi's World." It's well worth a look at because Abed, as he likes to be called, is quite a news hound and he has an insider view of the Palestinian refugee community together with some valuable insights into the various political movements of the Arab world. It's a not a blog like mine where I simply link, copy, paste and complain. I call it "filtering." He actually finds things out and writes about them or comments on this or that current affair and he still finds time to watch (and blog) the Simpsons.

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