April 07, 2007

Linda Grant and the anti-Jewish East End bar

Remember the Jewish east end of London? I was in Brick Lane only today. Well apparently there's a "fashionable bar" where the customers are so anti-Jewish that a Jewish member of staff was asked to remove his Star of David. That's according to Linda Grant in the comments to a yet another zionist whinge in the Guardian's comment is free space about antisemitism on campus in the UK. I know I have already mentioned this in a previous post but bear with me. Here is the comment again:
A few weeks ago, a member of my family who works in a fashionable bar in East London, was asked to take off his star of David by the management because 'some of our customers don't like Jews.'

I told this story to a visiting Canadian on Monday night. He was speechless. When he eventually found his voice, he said that he was unable to contemplate such an incident taking place in Canada and that perhaps the scare stories about anti-semitism in Britain were not as exaggerated as he had previously believed.
I mentioned in the post that if Linda Grant had not got Georgina Henry (the Cif site editor) to ban me I would have liked to ask her the name of the bar. Well according to a commentor here, someone has done just that:
could Linda Grant please tell me the name of this bar in the East End of London because I will go there and openly display a Star of David(even though I am not Jewish) and take subtantial legal action against them if they do as you allege.

Assuming that this bar exists .
I guess the comments will be closing soon but Linda Grant has special privileges on Cif. I'm sure she'll think of something even if it's getting the embarrassing questioner banned. No, her best bet would be to say that she has to preserve the Jewish barman's anonymity because whilst there must be lots of Jewish bar staff throughout the east end there might only be one in this particular establishment. This in spite of the fact that Engage claims to believe that antisemitism should be exposed and confronted and, as the questioner in Cif says, legal action is an option here.

Now here's the rub. The zionists have been making false claims of antisemitism for decades now. Linda Grant has made a claim about an antisemitic incident at her mother's stone-setting and subsequent to that she claimed never to have said, in any form, anything about antisemitism in the UK. That denial was a response to a Rabbi David Goldberg criticising her and Melanie Phillips for exaggerating about antisemitism. In a curious twist to that little spat, Rabbi Goldberg was one of the original signers of the Independent Jewish Voices declaration and it was because Linda Grant couldn't handle my responses to her article criticising IJV that she got Georgina Henry to ban me from Cif. Small world when you're Jewish.

A bit of a postscript here. Someone emailed me last night to ask whether I had had any dealings with the Comment is free editor, Georgina Henry! I assembled all of the correspondence and I am still bewildered by just how dishonest Ms Henry was in her "explanation" of why I was banned. Now I've got all the correspondence in one place I'll probably do a post on it. Meanwhile, if anyone else has had a bad experience with comment is free please let me know in the comments here or email me. Thanks

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