April 29, 2007

What can Gordon Brown do for war criminals?

Well I suppose he helped Blair stay in power when he could have swung Labour against the war in Iraq. So he has form when it comes to helping war criminals. But the war criminals I have in mind are the racist war criminals of the State of Israel because I read a curious thing in the Jewish Chronicle just now. The article is headed "Brown attacks media's call to boycott Israel." Apparently Brown [Tony Blair's heir presumptive (or is it presumptuous?)] was a guest of honour at the Board of Deputies of British Jews'president's dinner. Well,
After a speech that earned a standing ovation, he met guests accompanied by Board presidentHenry Grunwald.

When he was introduced to Arieh Kovler of the anti-boycott Fair Play Campaign, Mr Brown told him: "The NUJ boycott is unacceptable and we will do all the we can to help."
This is a Prime Ministerial hopeful who proudly boasted that he intended to cut half of all civil service jobs. What right has he to say what is and what is not acceptable for a trade union to do? And what can he do to help?

I'm thinking that on top of trying to make anti-zionism illegal, the zionists are trying to make international solidarity illegal as well.


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