May 01, 2007

What any other country would have done?

Do you remember when Israel was bomibing Lebanon, destroying its infrastructure and killing its men, women and children, ordering people out of their villages for their safety and then killing them on the roads they left on? Do you remember how zionists said that this massive deployment of violence against a neighbouring country was what any other country would have done in similar circumstances? Do you remember the circumstances? Two Israeli soldiers captured by Hizbullah. Israel's response hardly compared to the capture of 15 (I think it was 15) British sailors by Iran. Perhaps it's the UK that's unique here. But I digress.

Zionists definitely said that Israel had done what any other country had done just as they try to make out that Israel is just like any other country. Well it now turns out that even Israel doesn't think that Israel did what any other country would have done.

According to the Guardian, Olmert (and his defence minister, Amir Peretz) have been criticised on the grounds that
there was no detailed military plan before him, it said. He failed to consult others or to take into account colleagues' reservations. He did not clearly set out the aims of the war, and the proposed goals were "not feasible".
So zionists are going to have to jump through hoops to show how other countries embark on wars with unfeasible goals and no specific or detailed plans. That is they are going to have to show which countries or movements seem to see violence as an end in itself...

This is presumably in lots of papers today but the Financial Times claims to carry the Winograd Commission Statement here. The trouble is you have to send in your credit card/bank details in order to avail of a free two weeks subsrcription to access the section it's in, and I don't have time for all that.

Ha'aretz goes one better than the FT by carrying a piece in which it is reported that Hizbullah is holding up the Winograd Report as the final proof, if any were needed, of their victory over Israel.


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