April 15, 2007

Who ever heard of an Irish Republican Jew contd.

A recent comment to an old post has prompted this post. A participant in the IRA's "border campaign," Gery Lawless, went on to become a councillor in Hackney. Well Mr Lawless made the claim that he was a "one-eyed Irish Jew" but apparently he was (is, since he's still alive) rather fond of making himself a legend in his own life time and either spread rumours about himself or allowed rumours to be spread about himself without rebuttal.

It's possible that he made the claim of being Jewish on his mother's side as part of a "how can I be antisemitic, I'm Jewish" sort of "debate."

So, if anyone has any info on Gery Lawless please email me or leave a comment. I should point out that google searching for the man is a tad hindered by the fact that some people spell "gery" "gerry" and whilst there appears to be only one Gery Lawless, there appear to be a few Gerry Lawlesses.



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