April 15, 2007

Israel's discourse of avoidance?

I've never seen this mlive.com/newsflash site before. They're carrying a headline that, at the time of writing, heads the google news, thus Israel talks to avoid key issues. Now this is what I have been saying about some of the ridiculous and willfully contrary comments made by zionists on various discussion boards and blogs. They talk to avoid key issues. Here's what I actually said in a recent comment discussion here about the Guardian's comment is free:
the zionists are allowed to run amok with their usual tactics of ad hominem attacks, smears, changes of subject and downright lies. The problem then becomes one of the credibility of not simply one side of the debate but the debate itself.
See? So when I saw the headline "Israel talks to avoid key issues" I thought it meant that the State of Israel does what the rest of the zionist movement does when it talks. I mistook a noun for a verb.

Now here's what the newsflash article actually said:
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday said the regular meetings he plans to hold with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not include any discussion of the "core issues of the conflict," rejecting Palestinian calls to restart talks on a final peace settlement.

Speaking ahead of the first of the meetings, Olmert said the two leaders will discuss "moving ahead with the solution to our conflict with the Palestinians in the framework of establishing a Palestinian state," but added that they would not touch on the substantive issues that divide the sides.

Those include the question of the borders of the Palestinian state, the fate of disputed Jerusalem and a solution for Palestinian refugees who left what is now Israel during the 1948 Middle East War.
It all amounts to the same thing really. Israel's talks lead nowhere on the ground or zionists talk to lead nowhere in debtate.


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