May 05, 2007

From PC World to pc heaven and where's Bogdanor?

Well my pc died a death. It broke some time ago and I took it to PC World to get it fixed. They couldn't fix it and so I left it with them to load the contents of my hard drive to a 400 G hard drive that I would have been able to plug into my new computer. Well they had a laptop on offer so I asked if I could have one but they didn't have any in the Catford branch, where I happened to be, so I went to Charlton and got one there. Then I went to an Indian restaurant in Ilford, called Moheen. Whilst there, my phone rang and it was PC World in Catford ringing to tell me that they couldn't transfer my old data on to the new hard drive because my old hard drive had "burnt out." I asked him if that meant that nothing could be done for it and he stressed the fact that what he was saying was that there is nothing that PC World could do for it. That suggests to me that there is something someone can do, it's just a question of finding someone who can do it. The guy had such gravitas when he rang. His tone gave me the idea for the headline for this post. It was like he was telling me that my computer had gone from PC World to pc heaven.

Still, it's not all doom and gloom for me. I've got this very nice wide screen laptop and I just bought a nice mouse for it. So, I'm away.

The first thing I did when I logged in was look at my emails and one was enquiring as to how to find a post on my blog to which a "recent comment" relates. Well your best chance is to go to the blog home (or indeed any) page. Key what you are looking for into the search bar in the top left corner of the page. Then click on the "search blog" button and you're done. In this case the comments are here and the search is here. The comment was the most recent earlier today, it was about a chap called Paul Bogdanor and the comment was left by a chap called "Jon Rosenberg" who has his own blog, Londonistan Rising. I think that's an anti-Melanie Phillips thing. At least I hope it's an anti-Melanie Phillips.

So anyway, Israel could have used its nuclear weapons, it could have launched its final ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinians and I wouldn't have known. But I will know if it happens tomorrow and I might even post on it. So, like I said, it's not all doom and gloom.


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